i would like to dedicate this song to … me!




i had this weird interest lately – i actually thought of selling nasi lemak at the pasar or by the road side! LoL! not that i know how to cook the sambal also! BUT, dont you think it’s cool? just imagine your stall getting some very overwhelming response! *giggle* hard work but it’ll be fun – for experience sake. :p anyone care to join me?

well, i haven’t been working for the past 2 months +, never thought i’d be bored of the house chores, but i am, it’s quite boring… & tiring. lazy bum bum me. 😦 i remember liking house chores some time back, hmph~ but i guess, i want to start working again, for $$$ sake, (im so frank! LoL) cos there are a few “big” things i am contemplating of buying. greedy me *blush*


I had an interview appointment just now @ Public Bank (Bank leh! it’s THE industry to be in leh~) – 10:00 am. Chances of getting the post – HR Executive = slim.

The first part of the interviewing process was the written test, 45 minutes for 2 questions. I was finally called for the interview @ 10:50 am.

2 ladies whose names I’ve forgotten, (sorry! Nervous lah! I went to the toilet twice in an hour okay?!!) Anyway, was asked to briefly explain to them what I did when I was with UCSI, shaiks! Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong! I had a hard time explaining to them my job scope 😦  I was after all just a GENERAL administrative executive, I did a bit of everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, I didn’t really have a core duty… I don’t think my answer was good enough; or maybe they thought I didn’t quite understand their question, because one of the interviewers asked the same question again but in a rephrased manner.

Sigh. I don’t blame them for not being able to grasp what I was trying to say, because personally I don’t even know what exactly my job scope was. It was a tad too vast.

Then I told them I intended to resign earlier but was too caught up with my workload that I didn’t have time to give serious consideration about the matter. They were like “From your description of your job, how busy can you be?” sigh. Again. I can understand them. Yes, it doesn’t sound busy at all, in fact, it seems like I’ve been goyang kaki during my stint in UCSI. What can I say? One has to be in it to fully comprehend what I had gone through.

Then I was asked “Why HR?” “I like dealing with people” was the summary of my reply… Not good enough. I know we all deal with people all the time in a way or the other… yes, point taken. Sigh. I actually asked myself the same thing, but still can’t seem to figure it out yet. All I can say is that it boils down to interest. Yes, interest. Well for example, everyone knows that I love dancing but if I were asked “why do you love to dance?” I wouldn’t know how to answer either.

Sigh. The interview was a tricky one, yet another enriching experience. Now, if you’d excuse me I have jobs to hunt.


today is the last day of work @ UCSI Professional Academy… thought of sharing abit on how i feel about resigning and …stuff.

first, it wasnt an easy call for resignation, i struggled alot, doubted even after i threw the letter, til now still.

2nd, there are ALOT of things which i can say about that stoopit lady, but i’ve decided against it. I realised that speaking badly of her in public doesnt make me feel any better but bitter. All i can say is that it’s a hell of an experience which i don’t wish to ever go through it again. it’s bad. period.

i do have some really nice colleagues, i will surely miss them.

UCSI Education is actually a… erm, good (?) company. Contradicting myself? nope, you see, I’m not an employee of UCSI Edu. no, no, im working under a subsidiary, therefore, I would still recommend ppl to work with UCSI Education. thumbs up. too bad for me though, sigh, i actually thought i would stay here longer… too bad indeed.

last but not least, i miss my colleagues… the nice ones, of course! whoops! have i said that already? It shows that i really really do miss them. 😦

now, i’m feeling lost + worried as to what i should do next… any suggestions?

Love Letter

Found this in my drawer…




I find it so farnie! until now i still dont know who the writer is… He wrote that he will keep writing me love letters until i discover his identity and accept his love (kononnya lah) But he never wrote again since then… 😦


Lonely Christmas

I miss him so so dearly… esp during Christmas season…

*sobs uncontrollably*

something more…

the closing of…

2010… can you believe it?! There’s only about 20 days left to 2011!

Time waits for no man… how cruel!

It’s that time again for some self-reflection, I have been thinking, thinking real hard over everything that has happened during the past 11 months. Whatever that came to mind can be categorized into 2 categories: 1. Work and 2. Love.

I never find my work to be interesting, but i dont deny that there were times when i see a slight possibility of me staying on in this company for the next 5 years. Crazy as it might sound but yes that thought actually crossed my mind before despite of the type treatment i get from the management. I dread to go to work (yes, i know, i have mentioned this umpteen times), I cried before going to work… Nothing like a lousy work environment to make one feel down and out. What do i like about working here is that, my sis and i get to car pool everyday, saves petrol! And hardly any OT if not none, i get to be home by 7:00 PM! and most importantly it reminds me of him, it contains memories of us during the happier times!

… that brings me to my next point – LOVE.
He called me minutes before 2010 and we sort of closed 2009 together. Oh I remember everything so clearly as if it just happened ysterday… We had an argument on the 30th, just hours before our date – to watch movie (Avatar @ Alamanda) together; we were both devastated over it… i cried so hard, didnt know i will be crying harder still a few months later. I thought we’re finished after that fight, heartbroken as i was i went to work the next day, to my delight he msged me after like… ages: 15 hours!! I was so glad; we were glad… so very happy of not having to end 2009/to start 2010 in such a sad way…  but the inevitable must come and it came after a few months. I spent the first few months crying sobbing almost everyday, there were days where i just had no more tears to shed. It pains me so much that i couldnt share the good & bad times with him… Everything i do somehow relates to him. SIGH. I guess he wont be around for me to hold; to cherish; to love for now…

“Then Job replied to the LORD : “I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:1-2

to sum it all up – the roaring year (of the tiger) has ended with a mere meow… PATHETIC.


… will be here in no time. So what?

Found a song (by taylor swift) that speaks of how i feel: 

Please take down the mistletoe
cause I don’t want to think about that right now
Cause everything I want is miles away
My mom has been worrying about me
Season’s greetings, hope you’re well
Well I’m doing alright
If you were wondering
Lately I can never tell

I’ve been doing fine without you, really
Up until the nights got so cold and long
And everybody’s here, except you, baby
Seems like everyone’s got someone to hold

But for me it’s just a lonely time
Wondering how you are

Cause there was Christmas when you were mine

more food!

Not writing anything today… only photos on food just for YOU! *wink*

The above are from Susan’s


Delicious 2

have i posted these before? hmmm….

The Ship

The Ship 2

no photos from Kitchen Creatures 😦

okie.. i think that’s all the photos I have…

after this, it’s back to my emo posts… sorry!

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